Shotgun 2

Shotgun Course 2

This course builds off of lessons learned in Shotgun 1. This course will cover shooting the shotgun from various positions and distances. Techniques for efficient reloading as well as incorporating moving and shooting will be discussed and demonstrated. Shooters will take the skills and techniques presented and demonstrate their ability to safely operate the shotgun during courses of fire on the range.


You will need to bring a shotgun with you to this course. 75 rounds of 00Buckshot, as well as 25 slug rounds. Appropriate eye and ear protection is mandatory, a ball cap is recommended. Please bring appropriate gear/clothing for expected climate conditions.

*This course is not designed to provide instruction in trapshooting, sporting clays, skeet shooting or five stand. However, the principles and skills presented would enhance a shooter’s ability with the shotgun overall, and prove to be beneficial to those applications.