Range Amenities

Irongate offers our owners a multitude of shooting options in the areas only outdoor rifle, handgun and shotgun range with up to 300 yards and the ability to shoot up to .50 BMG. We have invested in a variety of stationary, reactive, and moving targets as well as a variety of Traps. We even have a house located on part of the property used for our Home Defense, Tactical Search, and Low Light/Nighttime advanced classes.

Rifle Range

  • 12 Rifle Lanes
  • Berms at 50 Yards, 100 yards, 150 yards and 300 Yards
  • Lighted Target areas
  • Covered, Lighted and Heated Outdoor Shooting Benches
  • Permitted Ammo up to .50 BMG
  • Variety of Stationary and Reactive Targets
  • Remote Moving Targets Coming Soon
  • Sighting Scope Rental
  • Bullseye AmmoCam Rental
  • Lead Sled Rental
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Handgun Range

  • 12 Pistol Lanes
  • Targets at 10 yards, 15 yards, 20 yards & 25 yards
  • Covered, Lighted & Heated Outdoor Shooting Lanes
  • Variety of Stationary & Reactive Targets
  • Various Stationary and Reactive Targets
  • Complete Steel Target Challenge Course
  • Remote Moving Targets Coming Soon
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Shotgun Range


Trap is where up to five shooters take one shot at each of five targets fired from different positions. There is a trap house located 16 yards from the shooting pavilion. The traps rotate back and forth in different positions and throws the clays away from the shooter. Doubles is two targets thrown at the same time and you get one shot per target. When shooting trap a round is 25 targets.


A variant of standard trap is Wobble Trap. The main differences are a much more extreme target flight path than in standard Trap shooting (the trap oscillates up and down as well as side to side). Our 2 wobble traps are sure to test your skills and a great pre-hunting season warm-up.

  • Promatic & Champion Traps
  • One Covered Trap Range
    • Standard Traps & Wobble Traps available
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Clay Target Pricing:

  • Trap – 25 Targets – $9.50
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