Handgun 2

Handgun Course 2

This pistol course builds off of lessons learned in Handgun1. Shooters will engage threats from various distances, learning the concepts of hard sight focused fire and hard target focused fire. Shooting positions as well as use of cover and concealment will be demonstrated and tactics behind their use will be discussed. This course will also incorporate shooting effectively while moving. Shooters will to take the skills and techniques presented and demonstrate their ability to safely operate the pistol during courses of fire on the range.


You will need a pistol with at least two magazines. 200 rounds of FMJ or frangible ammunition. A holster is mandatory for this course, ensure it is a rigid, sturdy holster (no collapsible fabric holsters) accompanied by a sturdy belt. A magazine pouch for additional magazines is preferred but is not mandatory for this course. Appropriate eye and ear protection is mandatory, a ball cap is recommended. Please bring appropriate gear/clothing for expected climate conditions.